I am available for custom artwork.  I can create portraits (pet and people), wildlife, landscapes and abstract artwork. See the gallery for more examples of my work.

At the present time, I am working mostly in coloured pencils for custom work.  The pencils I use are the highest quality, light fast (non-fading) pencils available in the world.  The prices listed here are for coloured pencil work.  If you are interested in an acrylic painting, contact me for the prices.

Prices for Coloured Pencil Artwork:

SizeSingle subject, no backgroundEach additional subjectSimple BackgroundComplex Background
A5$100 (AU)N/AN/AN/A
20 cm x 20 cm$100 (AU)N/AN/AN/A
20 cm x 25 cm (8x10”)$200 (AU)+ $50 (AU)+ $20 (AU)+ $50 (AU)
A4$200 (AU)+ $50 (AU)+ $20 (AU)+ $50 (AU)
30 cm x 30 cm$200 (AU)+ $50 (AU)+ $20 (AU)+ $50 (AU)
28 cm x 36 cm (11x14”)$300 (AU)+ $50 (AU)+ $20 (AU)+ $50 (AU)
A3$300 (AU)+ $50 (AU)+ $20 (AU)+ $50 (AU)

All prices are for pick up only. Additional shipping costs required for postage interstate and internationally. Shipping is $10 (AU) within Australia. International customers, contact me with your address for cost of shipping to your location.

The two sizes that include the inches equivalent are standard sizes for photo frames. These sizes are easier to find frames for.

A high resolution photo is required for portraits to ensure I am able capture the fine detail needed for the portrait.

Fine print: With all custom work, copyright belongs to the artist, Xaylia.  Any commissioned work, even when working from a client’s own photo, copyright of the image produced by the artist, Kathleen Cosgrove-Wilke ”Xaylia”€ belongs to the artist.

All payments will be made through Pay Pal.


How to order:

Pet portrait drawing of a pug dog

$300 (AU)

Step 1: Choose a photo. The photo needs to be good quality showing the details of the subject’s face. This is important to ensure I can create a detailed portrait. Ideally, choose several photos and email them to me, allowing me choose which is the best. I may ask for additional photos showing the subject in different lighting situations. This is so that I am sure I am getting the colouring of the subject correct as lighting can cause yellow or other tints on fur that may not look good in a portrait. While choosing a suitable photo there is no charge. If you are unsure if the photo is suitable, email me and we can discuss it.

Step 2: If you wish for a background on your portrait, I will use Photoshop to show what the portrait will look like with several backgrounds. This will give you an idea of what the portrait will look like with the background and give you a choice on what one you would like.

Step 3: Once the photo and background have been decided on, then I can get started on the portrait. At this point, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The time taken to create the portrait depends on the number of orders that I currently have. Usually I would allow 4 weeks. If you need the portrait by a certain time, let me know.

Step 4: Once the portrait is complete, I will send a photo of the piece for you to view. I then require the remaining amount (full amount minus the deposit plus shipping) to be paid prior to the artwork being shipped or picked up. Payment is through Pay Pal or cheque. Payment will need to be cleared prior to the artwork being shipped.

The mediums I use:

Coloured pencils  I use Faber Castel Polychromos pencils and Caran d’Ache Luminance Pencils.  Both of these pencils have the highest lightfast rating, ensuring that my artwork will not fade in time.  I work mainly on Fabriano Artistico 300g/m2 paper that is rated as archival, meaning that it will not yellow with time and will keep its integrity.
Acrylic Paints (Brush) I use Atelier Interactive Artist grade paint.  I paint on canvases that are professional grade to ensure the best quality canvas.
Acrylic Paints (Airbrush) I use Createx airbrush paint in an Iwata Neo, gravity fed airbrush