I am an artist located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, South Australia.  I take my inspiration from nature and through my art, I share my love of nature and wildlife.

Portraits and custom art:

I love to create portraits.  Capturing the personality of the person or animal on paper is a challenge that I love and the part of creating a portrait that I think is most important.  Depending on the client, I can work from the clients photo of the person or their pet, or I can visit and take some photos to aid in creating the perfect portrait of their loved ones.  For more information about ordering your own custom artwork, check out my page which includes a price list: Custom Portraits.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, I am happy to answer any queries.


I work primarily in coloured pencils.  I use Faber Castell Polychromos pencils along with Caran d’Arche Luminance pencils.  These pencils are the most light fast pencils in the world, meaning that they are the most resistant to fading.  Also, I use archival acid-free paper so that the artwork will last a long time.

Colour pencil art tutorials:

Helping others to learn how to create amazing artwork with their coloured pencils is a passion of mine.  I want the world to see that coloured pencils are more than just children’s toys and through video art tutorials, I share the techniques that I use when I create my art so that others can learn how to use them too.  I have short (less than 10 minute) videos on my YouTube Channel and I have longer videos (1 hour long) on my Patreon Channel.  

A Tranquil Moment

“A Tranquil Moment”: A leopard rests before the hunt begins again. $300 (AU).

Pet portrait drawing of a kitten

“Xavier”: a playful kitten rests quietly.

Make A Wish Child Portrait Art in Coloured Pencils

“Make A Wish”: A child wishes upon a dandelion